Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Currently

I really didn't mean to take a 6 week hiatus from blog world, but it happened. Not only did I neglect my own blog, I didn't read any of your blogs either. My Bloglovin' feed had a bazillion new posts in it when I finally checked yesterday. But thanks to a relaxing Winter Break, here I am again, fashionably late for Farley's January Currently.

Listening - to the sweet, sweet sound of silence! My little man has been stuffy and not eating well, which has resulted in rough nights for everyone. This morning, he decided to wake up at 4am, and didn't fall back asleep until 6. So here I am, at 7am awake, dressed, and writing a blog post. (Get things done while they sleep, right?)

Loving - Little Man has grown up SO much over the last month. His language has practically exploded, and we are full on in the parrot phase. He will say just about anything we do, and has so many cute responses to things we say. His daycare teacher taught him to put his hands on his head when she says "hold that thought,"  and we've obviously watched a lot of football because he throws his hands up in the air and says "down" (touchdown) whenever he sees a game on. It's so much fun watching him learn and mimic things we say and do!

Thinking - This one's pretty self explanatory, but if you need an explanation see above...6 weeks, no blogging. It's time to be back!

Wanting - Just ONE more week would be perfect! We had family in the week of Christmas, and this week is just flying by. One more week, and I'd be ready to go back. Or I'd be asking for just one more week again (which is probably more likely)!

Needing - My lesson plans need some major work, or all I'll be teaching next week is math! Although I am technically off of grad school this week, I really want to get my paper done that is due next Saturday so that I can relax a little for the first week back to work and grad school. Don't know that it will happen though. I have appointments this morning and a date with my hubby this afternoon when he gets off work.

Tradition - Little Man is almost 2, and my husband is home from deployment, so this was actually our first year all together in our own house for Christmas. This has been the year to start our own family traditions for the holidays. Sometimes you consciously decide to make something a tradition, like Low Country Boil for New Year's (because...YUM!).

Often the best traditions are the ones that just happen naturally. One that snuck up and surprised me this year was Little Man's love of gingerbread cookies. Check out what happened when we tried to put out Santa's cookies and milk...

I love the look on his face. Poor Santa got gingerbread men with no legs, and one of them is missing part of his head, too. Little man even tried tipping up Santa's mug to get a little milk, but it wasn't quite full enough. It's safe to say we'll be baking gingerbread men every Christmas for a while!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and are rested and ready to get back to work!


  1. Great to hear from you again, Kristen! Happy New Year to you! (...And good luck with that paper you're working on for grad school - I can't say I envy you there!)
    Crafting Connections

  2. Well, it looks like Santa was just eating his cookies. Love it! Enjoy the rest of your break.

    Hodges Herald

  3. I had to chuckle when I read about your lesson plans! I need to work on mine, too! I wish all the non-teachers out there knew how much time we put in on our "breaks"! Best of luck in 2014!
    Grade 6 Math Addict

  4. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Have a very Happy New Year!
    Grade 4 Buzz


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