Saturday, April 11, 2015

Five for Fraturday

Hi there! I'm just popping in to share a little about my week... it's Five for Friday time - a little late!

1 - We had a great Easter/Little Guy's Birthday with my parents on Sunday! Little man loved egg hunting, although he didn't understand why they weren't getting refilled with candy every time :) It's so hard to believe he's already three. I am blessed beyond belief!

2 - We've been reading The Westing Game at school, and everyone is hooked! It's such a great mystery, and is pushing my higher readers to really think critically and make lots of inferences as they try to solve the crime. I'm using a great novel study guide from Courtney Schermerhorn, which my class is loving!

3 - We came back from spring break to new laptops that replaced our desktop student computers. I am loving being able to allow my students to work at their seats instead of at the "wall-o-computers" that we had before. Their behavior has even improved... something about not having your back to the teacher...

4 - We've been working this week on our Geometrocity projects from Digital Divide & Conquer. My class is working in groups of three to create the best city plan. The "coop-etition" is great, and they are working so hard! I can't wait to see their final products.

5 - When we got our new laptops, I was more than ready to get rid of my bulky computer tables and store the laptops on top of a few bookshelves I already had. The only problem was that the bookshelves are way too cluttered! Here's my easy, at school on my planning period fix. I made these quick bookshelf curtains using some leftover fabric from another classroom project, hot glue, and my flat iron!

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