Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tech Thursday:

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I found a new website! Literably! Literably is a website that helps teachers take running records of their students. Students sign-in to a computer that has a microphone and then read the passage selected for them by the teacher. Students are then given comprehension questions about the reading and do a retelling of the story.  The reading is then graded....and get another PERSON that is NOT the teacher. The teacher then gets the results of the reading the next day or on Monday if the recording was made on Friday.

Yes, I know the benefits of listening to my students read to me. But come on! Information that I didn't have to grade! Analysis of errors I didn't have to track! Class time I can spend on something besides assessing! I'm in!!!

Cost: There is a free account. You can assess target students instead of your whole classroom with this account. You receive 10 assessments per month with the free account. The Pro account is $19 with unlimited assessments.

There is a help box and I received a very prompt response to my questions.

It is very easy to add students and the site dashboard is simple to navigate.

Literably's class settings are easy to change.  

It is also a cinch to change the reading level and passage a student will read and record.

Comprehension questions are aligned to Common Core Standards.

One of the best features is that you can share the students' running records with other teachers, administrators, and PARENTS!

Students will have no trouble signing in to the site and getting ready for testing.

After students record their reading, they have the opportunity to listen to their recording.  They then read the rest of the story (if your class setting is set to record for 1 minute). Comprehension questions based on the passage are completed next. The comprehension questions can even be read audibly to the students. The last step for students is to record a retelling of the story.

For each reading recorded by students, Literably generates an audio recording, a running record, words correct per minute, percentage accuracy, and a leveling recommendation (up, down or stay). The site records substitutions according to error: meaning (M), visual (V), and structural (S). Students are leveled based on Fontas &Pinnell reading level norms (A-Z) but a handy reading level conversion chart is available on your dashboard if you are using a different system. The site will even color code your students' progress compared to reading fluency norms: green, yellow, and red.

I "literably" can't wait to try this with my class!

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  1. We have a paid subscription at our school and I love it. The site is awesome and customer support is superior. There is also an app so we use it on our iPads which makes it even more convenient. I have nothing but good to say about Literably!


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