Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Favorite Teacher Supplies

If there's one thing teachers all love, it's a great set of school supplies! Today I am sharing three of my favorite supplies with you...

Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener: This is by far the best sharpener I have ever used. It's SO quiet, and makes the sharpest point I think I've ever seen. Just check out the points on the pencils below! I wrote a post over on Chalk & Apples last week about them, so you can check it out there if you want more details. Between this sharpener and The Wise Owl's Winning the Pencil War system (free on TPT!), I finally have pencils in my classroom under control!

Frixion Pens: I am in LOVE with these erasable pens! Before you have flashbacks to those awful erasable pens we all tried to use in middle school, let me assure you that these are different! They really do erase... completely! It's some kind of heat/friction/science-y thing that I don't get, but I'm so glad someone smarter than me came up with it!

I use these puppies all the time for grading, and I am so glad I can erase when I change my mind about how I graded a particular question, accidentally get a little "check-happy" or miscalculate a score. I no longer have to scribble out mistakes or hunt down the white-out. These have saved me so many times!

Laminator: I have one of these bad boys at home AND one at school! I love that I can laminate full pages and not have to cut anything out. This is much faster than waiting for the big machine at school, and the laminating pouches are much thicker! (Here's the one I have)

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  1. Kristin, I LOVE these erasable pens. I'm definitely going to have to order some for myself. Last school year I received a personal laminator, and my teaching life has truly improved!

  2. Erasable pens that WORK! What a great idea! I must get some. I HATE scratching out red pen.
    I got a laminator a couple of years ago, and I wonder what I did without it. Expecially since our monster school laminator has been broken for 2 months! If only the laminating sheets weren't so expensive......
    Always Primary

    1. I used to always buy the Scotch laminating pouches, but you're right... they are so expensive. I found some from Amazon that are much more affordable (a little over $.10 each instead of more like $.25-$.30). The quality is still great, and I've been very pleased with them! Thanks for linking up!
      ~Kristen (Chalk & Apples)


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