Tuesday, December 22, 2015

3rd Grade Christmas Wishes

My 3rd grade students make me laugh. They make me cheer. I frequently groan. Occasionally they make me wish for Tylenol. And, once in a while, they make me cry. That's what happened when I gave my kiddos the chance to write down their Christmas wishes. I had to share. As you read their wishes, please remember that each child that I teach has a parent serving in the military- this changes their world perspective. 

Joseph:   I would like to have world peace. So then our soldiers don't have to die.

Ryan:  My Christmas wish is for all the people like in California that been killed. I also wish for the guys that dies in the crash (helicopter crash). I wish for the homeless people to be safe. And all people that are at war. I wish for God's people to listen- you may hear God talking to you. I wish we (can) stay safe. God will save us!

Olivia:  My Christmas wish is that my mom and dad stop fighting. I also wish that everybody in the world a good Christmas and I wish that everybody has a happy year.

Aaliyah: I wish for my family not running all over the place. 

Dylan:  I want world peace.

Aiden:  I wish for Christmas that I can talk different languages, and have better looking hair and peace.

Alezair: I wish for my family to spend time with each other and have fun with each other and be happy.

Lucille: My wish is for people to believe in Jesus and animals to be in the wild. I want for kids with autism to get better.

Ariana: I will like for people that don't have homes to have homes and food.

Jeremiah:  I want this for Christmas, Jesus to come back from heaven. I want wars to stop so people won't have to risk their lives.

Piper O: I want for homeless people to have homes on Christmas. I want for all of the people to have homes. So I want for those people to have more money or more food or a good home so they can be warm. I want those people to be like me with a home and more clothes and food.

Piper S: My Christmas wish is for my dad to stay home.

Lucas: I want my dad to stay with me for Christmas.

Jared: Please give me cheese balls.

Prenalynn: I wish for the world to have a better future. I wished for that because robberies happen.

What is your Christmas wish?

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  1. I enjoyed reading your students Christmas wishes. Some of their wishes are the same as mines. Ryan's was definitely my favorite- for God's people to listen because they may hear God talking to them (now that's pretty deep). I hope all your students and you three have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing; your students are sweet!

  2. Your students' wishes just gave me a much needed reminder about what is important. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Laughter and Consistency

  3. Your students sure know what's important!
    I hope Jared got his cheese balls... chuckle.



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