Friday, August 2, 2013

Freebie Friday! Computer rules

It's Freebie Friday again! We have open house today and go back to school on Monday, so I am just popping in quickly to share these computer rules signs I made for my classroom. The file includes half and whole page signs, and there are 10 rules...
  1. Ask permission before you print.
  2. No food or drinks near computers.
  3. Clean up before you leave!
  4. Do not change computer settings or backgrounds.
  5. Never give out your username or password.
  6. Save your work onten! (ctrl+S)
  7. Undo is your friend! (ctrl+Z)
  8. Surf safely.
  9. Work quietly.
  10. Log off when you finish.

Grab  your freebie in my TPT store by clicking the picture!

Hope you love them!


  1. Thanks for these again!

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