Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two for and Tried it Tuesday!

It's July! It's Tuesday! Better than that- it's 2 for Tuesday & Tried It Tuesday!

We are linking up again with The Teaching Tribune for another fun half-off linky and Fourth Grade Flipper's Tried-it Tuesday!  What a great way to start out the month of July!

My first product is also a Tried it Tuesday!  I designed this product 2 years ago for my 3rd grade team.  We have had our classes do this project for the last 2 years, and the students absolutely love it!  Love aside, it has also gone through 2 years of teacher critiques, revisions, and improvements.  It is one of my favorite projects so I am very excited to introduce it to you!

This activity is designed to capture the interests of students while assessing what they have learned about maps. It is created to be intrinsically motivational; most students love pretending to be pirates for a couple of days! Although the project can be used as a culminating map project and assessment, it can also be used as a spring board for learning map skills.

This project contains:
o  Clear and easy to follow student directions
o  A project rubric
o  5 antique paper samples
o  A student check list
o  Sample student work to evaluate collaboratively

In this project, students will:
o  Design their own islands (rough draft and final)
o  Place landmarks and landforms on their islands
o  Make a compass rose and map key
o  Ensure map key symbols represent island features
o  Use cardinal and intermediate directions
o  Create a “walking” map to their treasures using 5 different landmarks on their maps
o  Use directionality to give directions to their treasures
o  Use a check list to stay on track
o  Use teacher check points and signatures to stay on track
o  Use the rubric to evaluate a sample student’s work
o  Use the rubric to self-edit their own maps
o  Use antiqued paper to write directions to their treasures
o  Apply basic map skills throughout the project
o  Have loads of FUN!

Regular Price $3.20 on sale today only for $1.60!

My second product is also a Tried it Tuesday and a Two for Tuesday! I recently began learning playing with Adobe Photoshop, and its capabilities for background paper designs. I had so much fun creating designs.  Stripes are my favorite, and I love, love bright colors.  So my new hobby addiction led to this paper pack filled with 58 fun background papers filled with stripes!  

It's regular price is $2.00 so half price today is only $1.00!

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  1. Your treasure map activity and assessment look amazing!! Wow! Thanks so much for linking up. Happy July! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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