Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I'm wearing is usually Stitch Fix!

I'm loving Jivey's What I'm Wearing Wednesday, mostly because I get to see everyone else's Stitch Fix and Jane scores! Someone asked a couple of weeks ago when I would be doing another Stitch Fix post, so here it is!

My latest Stitch Fix arrived just in time for Vegas...the day before I left, actually.

If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix, it is basically a personal shopping service. Once a month (or whenever you request it) they send you a box of 5 items based on a "style profile" that you complete with your style preferences, price range, etc. You can even link a Pinterest board for inspiration! You can read more about how it works here

Unfortunately, I don't have "real" item names for you this time. My fix arrived, and I left the next day for Vegas. Well, apparently my husband threw out the paperwork that came in my box while I was away, and your account doesn't show the names of things once you've reviewed them and paid :(

Dory Braid Detailed Striped Tank - Loved the top. It is incredibly soft and a great style for teaching. Sadly, the blush color really washes me out. Never fear, though, I emailed Stitch Fix, and this top also comes in a turquoise color, which will likely look much better on me. Assuming they can find it in my size, it should be in my next Fix! PS - I learned that you can make specific requests anytime...just put them in your note to your stylist! Verdict: returned this one, but hoping to see it in turquoise next month!

Skinny Cargo Pants - The pants were at an odd length on me...too short to be considered ankle length, too long to be capris. High-waters is the only way I can describe it! As you can see, I tried, unsuccessfully, rolling them up to see if that would help. It's too bad, because they were super comfy, and a perfect fit in the waist/hips. Verdict: returned. 

This is the softest shirt ever! (Except for maybe the tank above) Plus, it's two of my favorite & turquoise...Verdict: keep!
I liked the color on this top, but I am just not a big fan of tassels. Partly because I know my little man will just tug at them and untie the bow. Plus, it's very similar in color to the other white/blue shirt that I liked better. Verdict: returned.
I wasn't initially sold on this one, mainly because it's blazing hot here right now, and this wasn't sleeveless! I do really like the pink bird print on it, though, and my husband reminded me that I'm always cold! Verdict: keep. Actually, I've already worn it...on the plane on the way home from Vegas with some leggings. I was super comfy traveling all day, and stayed warm on the plane, where I usually freeze!

That's it for this Fix...I can't wait to get my next one and see if they found my turquoise top!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I have paid for my fix on my own and have not been given any type of compensation for this review. I do however receive a small referral credit if you follow my link, so if you want to try it, just click one of my links to head on over to Stitch Fix and get started!


  1. Love your things you kept! I think you made excellent choices!! :o)

  2. I'm enthralled with the IDEA of Stitch Fixbut it would never work for me. Can't seem to move beyond my 1970s prep background, so my idea of style is buying another cardigan or pleated skirt from the thrift store. People who can actually pull off modern style amaze me, and your new pieces look great.


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