Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Scoop {1/17/16}

The Sunday Scoop is based on the popular 3-2-1 graphic organizers so many of us use with our students. Tell us three things you HAVE to do, two things you HOPE to do, and one thing you're HAPPY to do. If this is your first time linking up, check out all the details on our Sunday Scoop page, then link up below!

Here's the Scoop on my week...

What are you up to this week?

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  1. Oh boy, do I ever hear you about the housework! And cooking dinner??? Yikes! I have good intentions, but... ah well. Have a great holiday; enjoy that day off!


  2. I have recently been given an Erin Condren Lifeplanner - and now I'm crazy at organizing my calendar and making it beautiful. I will think of you while you are enjoying your day off. Have a great weekend!
    Barton's Buzz

  3. Love this post! How do teachers do laundry and clean house? I also need to do something really nice for my husband because he cooks dinner and does laundry!!!! We have a professional development day and the students have a holiday tomorrow but our principal has given us until 1:00pm to work in our rooms. Yippee! Hope you have an awesome done tomorrow! Tweet @bucybetsy Follow my blog http://inspired


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