Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tech Thursday {Free Apps for Coding}

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This week I am going to share a little bit about 5 great apps that you can use to code with your students. Coding is a huge trend right now. A statistic I heard at a technology conference recently took me by surprise. "90% of our students in grades k-6 right now will hold a job that does not even exist today." WOW. Think about that for a minute. Our world is changing so quickly. Skills like coding, might not be "crucial" to their learning right now, but they are crucial to their future. Isn't that our job as teachers, preparing our students for the future?

All five of these apps are FREE in the Apple Store. If you are an android version, a few of them support that system too, so be sure to check your android store or google play store.

Hopscotch HD. This app was inspired by MIT's app Scratch. It uses a drag and drop block method for the coding process. As students progress with their coding abilities, they can even add custom events that include the tilt of the device or even shaking it! My students LOVE this app!

Cargo-Bot. This app is all about the robots! It engages students with a puzzle where they have to teach a robot to move crates. There are 36 levels included so students definitely get some great enjoyment out of it. Best part, students can record their solutions and share with others!

Kodable. This app is for our younger students! Perfect for ages 5+. It also works with a drag/drop block method for students to build their code in a script. Their goal is to help the Fuzz family navigate through Technomazes.

Robot Football. Engage your sporty kids with this fun football themed coding app. Students code the plays and watch their team block, pass, intercept and even steal the ball all against another player. Super easy to use and your students will love it.

Run Marco. Definitely my favorite app! It uses google blocky (same as as students work to help Marco discover himself. New levels will be added in February 2016! It has a great story line to it and my students love the graphics.

I hope some of these apps will kickstart or enhance your awesome coding activities in your classroom! Coding will help prepare them for possible jobs they might have in the future!

Link up below with your own Website or App recommendations, Tech Tips, Tutorials, or anything else tech-related! We can't wait to learn from you!

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  1. Tickle can also be used to do coding. I just discovered this because of my Sphero BB-8 can be programed with this app!


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