From Kristen's store, Chalk & Apples:


If you’re anything like me, parent conference day can be stressful! Prepare for the big day with this freebie! Two parent conference forms are included, a one-page quick form and a two-page more detailed version. Space is provided for behavioral observations & concerns, current grades and scores on school-side assessments, and interventions/suggestions for improvement. This one form covers conferences for fall, winter, and spring! 

From Juliet's store, Tech Crazy Teacher:


Looking for a SMART interactive tool for your classroom? Want your students to have some fun learning? How about letting your students throw a ball at the SMARTboard? Sound scary? Not really. It’s all in good fun- and for any age! Students aim and throw a koosh ball, bean bag, or other soft object at the SMARTboard. When an image is hit, another Notebook page pops into view. Students then review the information or answer the question on that page. Each image on the game board is linked to another page in the Notebook. Once the students answer the question, just click the object on the right to return to the game board. This Koosh Ball Review Game is editable, so you can use it for any subject!

From Cassie's Store, Funky in Fourth:


Decimal War will help your students practice place value with tenths and hundredths. Print and add a deck of number cards (0-9) or a set of playing cards (with 10's and face cards removed) and you are ready to go. I have included both a color version and a black and white version for easy printing.

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