Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stitch Fix #3!

This past Wednesday was a long day. It started with my little man waking up at about 3am, and me not being able to fall back asleep. Then, I spilled my huge cup of iced tea everywhere. There's more, but let's just say that it didn't really get any better from there. was the perfect day to come home to this on my doorstep:

In case you aren't familiar with Stitch Fix, it's a personal shopping service that sends you 5 items every month (or less often if you want). There is a $20 styling fee for each Fix that they send, but if you buy anything from your box, it becomes a credit, so essentially, it's free! Also, if you purchase all five items, you get 25% off - a feature I've been taking advantage of lately! You can read more details about Stitch Fix in the post I wrote about my first Fix.

Here's what was in my Fix #3:
Jordanne A-Line Skirt - This is a great basic black skirt for work, and the fabric feels really nice. Perfect length for teaching, and amazingly enough, I don't currently own a solid black skirt. Verdict: Keep!

Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-up Cardigan - I love the raspberry color of this cardigan, and at $38, it was a great price for a staple piece. Verdict: Keep!

Travers Short Sleeved Striped Knit Shirt - At first,  I wasn't particularly excited about this one, but I really do like it with the cardigan. Plus, it was only $28. Verdict: Keep!

Somerville Tribal Print Short Sleeve Top - I love that this is so loose and flowy. Perfect for spring weather! Although I'm not always a fan of tribal print styles, this one feels a little more geometric to me, and I do like it. Orange isn't my favorite color either, but it works on this shirt. (I like that Stitch Fix is making me branch out a little!) Verdict: Keep!

Emi Marled Knit Short-Sleeved Top - This one was just okay. I think it will look much better with dark pants instead of white, and maybe a black cardigan or jacket. It just kind of looks washed out here. Since I'm keeping everything else, it's actually $8 cheaper to keep this one and get the 25% off. Verdict: Meh.

I realized when I started writing this post that I never shared my second Fix with you, so here's a quick recap:
Going clockwise...
Kensi Skinny Jeans - LOVE! They feel amazing on, and are a nice navy color, rather than a dark denim color. One of my favorites so far!
Sheer Geometric Print 3/4 Sleeve Top - LOVE the green and blue print! Nice and breezy for spring!
Colorblock Top - Not a huge fan of the cream being at the top, but I love everything else about it.
Navy & Orange Geometric Print Tank - this was another "It's cheaper to keep it all, so...ok" item for me. I don't like the way it looks at the top at all, but under a sweater, it's actually really cute. I'll never wear it alone though!
Corrina Striped Dolman Top - LOVE! Super comfy!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I have paid for my fix on my own and have not been given any type of compensation for this review. I do however receive a small referral credit if you follow my link, so if you want to try it, just click one of my links to head on over to Stitch Fix and get started!


  1. I have the dolman from your second fix. Love it! My next one arrives Tuesday, I think.

  2. LOVE! I'll have to post my next box this month! I have had 1 so far & didn't take pics yet. You've inspired me to do so:) Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Dianna
    Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching

  3. Wow! you got some great clothes! I love the striped shirt and cardigan! I just started Stitch Fix, and I loved just about everything in my second box. I had some fit issues though. It was not their fault, as they sent the sizes I requested. I just needed to make some size adjustments on my profile. Now, I am super excited about my next fix!

    Fit to be Fourth

  4. Hi Kristen! Everyone seems to just adore that striped top. SO many people have gotten it and raved about it! I also have a pair of Kensie jeans that were sent from Stitch Fix and I adore them! I hope a monthly linky for bloggers to share off their fabulous finds from Stitch Fix and I would LOVE for you to come link up!

  5. I'm so happy you linked up! Hopefully it brought you a little extra traffic :)


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