Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tech Thursday: Wonderopolis

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Today I am sharing all about one of my favorite websites/apps. It is called Wonderopolis and it is a "must bookmark website"!
Okay... this is a super simple website to use. Every day, the post a "wonder of the world". This can range anywhere from a wonder like why is the grass green to what are LEDs. Every day there is a new wonder. Each wonder is complete with a short informative article and a video. The videos range from 2-15 minutes each. We use this site during free-choice time on our classroom devices. Students can go and find different wonders that they are interested in and investigate further.

As a teacher on Wonderopolis, you can research and search even further to find specific wonders that fit into what you are teaching. On the page, Educator Sandbox, you can search by subject or by grade level. They also break it down into popular videos for the month. So this month there are wonders for Daylight Savings, Rainbows, Maple Tree Tapping, Ides of March and Saint Patrick. The list goes on and on! Not convinced yet...?! Keep Reading. Introducing....
Do you have children at home?! If you answered yes... this website provides a way to continue learning all summer long! You can sign your child up for free for Camp Wonderopolis. At Camp Wonderopolis your child will investigate (virtually) 6 different tracks of science exploration. Click the photo above to check it out more details about that.

So basically... you need to go check out the website and see what the daily wonder is for today. It might just help you get your head out of the sand. :)

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  1. I absolutely love Wonderopolis! I just spent the last hour watching videos & planning on how I want to use them in the classroom.


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