Monday, December 1, 2014

TPTCYBER sale - What's on your wishlist?

By now I'm sure you've heard that the TPT Cyber Monday & Tuesday sale starts TODAY! I'm excited about getting home from work and clearing out my wishlist full of amazing products!

It's always fun to see what everyone else is buying for their classrooms, and I discover some of the best products this way, so today, we're linking up with Jivey to share what's on our wishlists...

At Chalk & Apples, my #1 wishlisted item is an oldie, but a very first TPT product EVER... my Turquoise Dots Teacher Toolbox Kit! It's been updated several times, but it remains my best seller & top wishlisted item.

The top wishlisted item at Cassie's Funky in Fourth store is her Layers of the Earth Unit. Buyers love all the graphic organizers and the included lab activities!

Most wishlisted at Juliet's store, Tech Crazy Teacher is her Island Treasure Map project. In this fun and engaging activity, students use many different map skills to create their own island and hide a treasure on it! Includes everything you need, even antique paper, and a rubric for easy assessment. 
#2 from Chalk & Apples is my Word Work for Big Kids! I created this product out of a need in my own classroom for some challenging word work activities that I could use over and over with our vocabulary words in my 5th grade class, and I still use it daily! PS - It's also included as a freebie with my Growing Vocabulary Roots: Morphology Word Study Unit 1, so don't buy it twice!

Second from Funky in Fourth is Cassie's STEM Challenge Series Bundle. This bundle is still in progress, but will include TEN great STEM activities by January.  Each challenge includes complete lesson plans, student recording sheets, and tips.

Juliet's second most wishlisted item is her Rapid Words Sight Word Fluency Program. This complete program provides fun and engaging weekly homework for practicing sight word fluency throughout the entire year! Everything you need is included. 

This one is HUGE, so I've been waiting for a sale to buy it... I can't wait to get Blair Turner's Interactive Math Notebook Bundle for 5th Grade! It is chock full of interactive notebook templates & lessons for everything we teach, and I can't wait to start using it with my fifthies! 
Cassie can't wait to start using The Brown Bag Teacher's Reading Response Letters. These look like such a great way to start conversations with each student about the books they are reading! Juliet is looking forward to challenging her students to think more deeply about what they've read by using Anna Brantley's HOTS Reading Response Sheets. I love them too... if she made them for 5th grade, they'd be on my wishlist in a heartbeat. What's on your wishlist? Head over to Ideas by Jivey to link up!

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