Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Scoop: {7/12/15}

The Sunday Scoop is based on the popular 3-2-1 graphic organizers so many of us use with our students. Tell us three things you HAVE to do, two things you HOPE to do, and one thing you're HAPPY to do. If this is your first time linking up, check out all the details on our Sunday Scoop page, then link up below!

Here's the Scoop on my week...

What are you up to this week? Vacation? Visitors? Or maybe a pool day? Link up with us and let us know!

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  1. I also have seemingly mountains of laundry! Where does it come from? It's hard to believe that I'm worse at keeping up with it in the summer... maybe I'm just noticing it more since I'm home surrounded by the piles! Haha! Good luck getting everything in order for your visitors :)

    Thanks for hosting!
    My Shoe String Life

  2. Every single day should be a pool day with friends!

  3. Laundry is a never-ending battle. I am looking at four baskets of clean right now...unfolded, but clean.

    Kovescence of the Mind

  4. I'm excited to have a pool day with my friend and her kids tomorrow! Today we have no plans at all, but it feels like we might need to get out and do SOMETHING. We had visitors yesterday, so we got up and team-cleaned! Have a great week. Thanks again for hosting this weekly linky!
    Laughter and Consistency

  5. Laundry is always a have-to, isn't it? I'm a little jealous of your pool day. We're having an overcast day with a splash of rain, so I don't think I'll even get to dip my toes in the kiddie pool today. Have a great week!

  6. A pool day sounds fantastic. I always feel like laundry is a never ending battle. Enjoy your visit with your Mom, sister, and nephew! :)

  7. Have a WONDERFUL time with your family this week!


  8. Ugh laundry. I feel like I have been doing laundry every other day! It is just me and my husband...WHO IS WEARING ALL OF THESE CLOTHES?! lol A pool day is always a great idea! Have fun with family :) Thanks for the fun link up!

  9. Enjoy the upcoming week with your family and good luck with the laundry. I don't think it ever stops, lol. Thanks for hosting this fun linky. This is my first week to link up; super excited! Thanks!

  10. So excited to join in with this link up for the first time! Such a fun link up. ;)

    Laundry NEVER stops...I've got clean clothes right now, but they're still sitting in the dryer. Whoops!

  11. This was my first link up with The Sunday Scoop! Loved sharing! I think everyday should be a pool day!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  12. It seems like EVERYONE has laundry on their to-do list. I guess I better revise mine. I totally forgot I needed clean clothes! Summer is such a lazy time for me.

  13. I am new to blogging and this is my first link up! So excited, however, no one left any comments on my blog :(
    Any suggestions?


    1. Tiffany, Your comment was a "no reply blogger" which means you need to sign into your Google account (or another account) before leaving a comment. It also means I don't have your email to reply to you. Send us an email at


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