Monday, June 16, 2014

Two for Tuesday! Half Price Deals!

It's Tuesday!  It's Tuesday!  

I had to say it twice since it is Two for Tuesday when we link up this week again with The Teaching Tribune!  That means it's twice the deal for you!

I have 2 fabulous new products hot off the presses and ready for you to download for HALF price at my TPT store The Tech Crazy Teacher!  

These products are some of my favorites.  Even though they are new to my store, they are time tested in my classroom!

Looking for an easy to implement homework program? One that is already made and ready to go? Rapid Word is a complete fluency homework program designed for beginning readers in early elementary grades. It is ready for you to implement for the entire year!

Rapid Word includes words from the Dolch Pre-Primer to 3rd grade basic sight word lists. The words are divided into 31 weeks. The goal was to have 1 Rapid Word list for each week of school. A table at the bottom of each page allows parents to record their student’s times as he/she reads the weekly words to them.

On Sale Today for Just $3.80!

Lightning Words are super easy to use and so much fun! The object of Lightning Words is to increase students’ sight word recognition, increase the speed with which students’ identify sight words, and have a bucket load of fun while reviewing. 

We want our students to know their sight words “lightning fast”! 

The game only takes 5-10 minutes to play and can be used with a whole class or with small groups. The game can be differentiated easily by using the 220 sight word cards that allow all students to learn and be successful. 

Included are 20 different Lightning Words game sheets, 220 sight word cards, instructions to play, and 8 bonus editable flashcards

On Sale Today for Just $3.00!

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