Friday, September 5, 2014

5 for Friday, a New Look, & a Giveaway!

Happy Friday! Today we are linking up with Doodlebugs for one of our favorite linky parties... Five for Friday! If you stick with us all the way to the end, we promise it will be worth it, because...


If you are one of our faithful flock, you may notice something a little bit different.  Okay.  Okay. That is an definite understatement.  Our page has had a MAJOR face-lift! We have changed,  uh, well, everything but the name, authors, and purpose of the Teaching Trio.

Why?  I am glad you asked.  Our fellow Trio member, Kristen, recently began spreading her wings a little wider to include the world of website design.  She is truly gifted!  We love, love, love our new blog look!  We know our readers will be "chirping" excitedly over our cool new design!


A new look wouldn't be complete without a new linky!  We are introducing our new linky today that will run every Sunday.  The title of our linky will be the Sunday Scoop!  To keep things short, sweet, and to the point, (It will be Sunday after all!) we have included a template! Here it is, if you want to get ahead...
Update the Sunday Scoop template each week.  Tell your readers 3 things you have to do, 2 things you hope to do, and 1 thing you are happy to do.  Within a wink, a blink, and a link, you have a great post for your readers that helps highlight your personality and your upcoming week. Remember, no products are allowed! 


Our Technology Thursday linky received a face-lift too!  Below is our new graphic.  The Teaching Trio is dedicated to pushing, pulling, and dragging technology into our classrooms despite setbacks such as, you know, little things like pesky budgets and stuff.  We are searching for other bloggers to link with us to provide support for our readers.  Link  websites, tips, tricks, and especially how you use technology in your classroom.


You may be wondering how Kristen started designing websites.  I take all the credit.  Yep, it is all due to me folks.  You can leave your thanks below in the comments.  I wanted a small site done for Tech Crazy Teacher to do some blogging projects on my own.  I had no expertise in this area what-so-ever, but sometimes it's not what you know but who! In comes my brilliant idea and my friend Kristen.  She started on her Chalk and Apples website and then moved onto my Tech Crazy Teacher.  They look fabulous!  Awesome!  Wonderful!  And all thanks to me.....well ... and Kristen. Ha!

Check them out!


If you're still reading, you've reached the gold mine! TODAY is Kristen's birthday, AND we have a new look, so we are celebrating in a big way! Thanks to 30 (yes, THIRTY) of our blogger/TPT'er friends, we have three awesome prize packs to give away! Check them out and enter any or all of them! The giveaway runs now through Wednesday at midnight, and we'll announce a winner in next week's Tech Thursday post!


  1. I absolutely adore your new design!! Happy Birthday, Kristen!

  2. The new design is looking sharp! I love the colors. :)

  3. Whoowho magnificent job ladies. Happy Birthday Kristen

  4. Great new design! Great celebration!!! Congratulations!


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