Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tech Thursday: Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

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Most of us are familiar with the basic keyboard shortcuts, like "ctrl+c" for copy, "ctrl+x" for cut, and "ctrl+v" for paste, but there are some less familiar shortcuts you should know! A couple of these have saved me major headaches when I accidentally deleted content or closed a window before I meant to...

CTRL+Z - This one's pretty familiar, and it's saved me a few  hundred's the Undo command! But did you know you can use it almost anywhere?! Try it! I've used it in web browsers, all Office products, and many other applications.
Windows Key +D - This one shows the desktop with just a couple of keystrokes! Great for when you have your grade book software up and don't want students to see it or when those annoying ads on your YouTube videos are less appropriate than they should be! (Actually, there's a better fix for that, but we'll save it for another week!) When you want all of your windows back up, just press windows+D again.

CTRL+T - Opens a new tab in most web browsers

CTRL+SHIFT+T - Reopens the last tab you closed!!! (Hallelujah!)

CTRL+F - Opens the "find" function in almost every program. Quick tip for internet windows: if you're looking for something within a text box, you'll need to click inside it and then press CTRL+F in order to search inside the box.

CTRL+S - Save

F11 - in a web browser (& probably other places), this removes all of the extras (like toolbars) and makes your window FULL-full screen. In Excel, if you highlight a set of data and press F11, you get an instant graph!

PrtSc or PrintScreen - Copies the entire desktop. You can then paste it into Paint, PowerPoint, Word, etc. and save the images. This is especially useful for troubleshooting if you're getting an error message! You'll have to test this one out... on some computers, you have to press CTRL or the Windows Key along with the Print Screen button.

ALT+PrtSc - Copies only the currently selected window, rather than the entire desktop. Awesome tool for creating tutorials without having to resize every screenshot!

Last but not least, one I've been using the entire time I have typed this... text formatting shortcuts:
CTRL+B - Bold
CTRL+I - Italics
CTRL+U - Underline

Think you might have trouble remembering all of these great shortcuts? Check out the linky and head over to Juliet's blog, Tech Crazy Teacher for her super easy trick to help you learn them! Come back, and link up your own quick & easy tech tips!


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  1. Thanks so much for the shortcut reminders!! Some of these I often forget about, especially the text formatting shortcuts!



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